Art Studio Yurana 


                Helping celebrate and commemorate all of life's precious moments since 1999, Yurana is the trusted choice among families and friends looking for high quality glassware gifts. Each piece is truly unique and no two are ever exactly the same, as all of our glass collectibles are personally blown in studio by our skilled European artists.

Offering a wide selection of limited edition glass commodities, we cater to collectors and connoisseurs wanting to stock their curated collections. Whether in search of offbeat drinking glasses for wedding toasting or classic pieces for holiday hosting, you'll find the perfect handmade masterpieces to complement every occasion here at Yurana.

We recommend choosing commemorative wine glasses, holiday ornaments, bottle stoppers and other one-of-a-kind drinking accessories depending on the event you're celebrating or commemorating. And while Yurana is a specialized brand with a focus on designer drink-ware and wine gifts, we also carry state-of-the-art glass figurines, that add touches of renowned elegance to your vanity tops, desktops or tabletops.

Some glamorous and some quirky, our glass creations never disappoint. Each individual piece takes up to an hour to make, therefore decoratively augmenting your ambiance with luxuriousness, innovative brilliance and an artistic aesthetic. Browse our online shop to discover the creative glassworks that speak to you!